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James and Sarah's Wedding

The Officers Mess at Fort Takapuna

James and Sarah are made for each other, end of story.  The photo of James jumping in the air with glee after the wedding ceremony is surely the only evidence one needs to confirm this fact.  Though for the sake of description; I'll carry on.  Permanent smiles lit up this loving couple's faces throughout their entire day; watching their guests delight in their union and celebrate with them kept a big smile on my face too (well, metaphorically speaking - my wife says my face is pretty serious when I'm behind a camera).

Every detail of this wedding was chosen so beautifully; from the venue, the charming space the girl's got ready in, the table settings and the flowers right down to James' blue tie and watch and Sarah's hair piece.  I have so enjoyed putting this gallery together for such a lovely pair.  Congratulations James and Sarah, you were both such a joy to be around and thank you for letting me capture your day.

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