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Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Castaways Resort, Waiuku

In my years as a wedding photographer I have become a weather report addict.  The worst part about this addiction is the fact that people usually find it boring to talk about the weather - and here I am spouting information about the exact time a deluge of rain will occur to anyone who will listen (my family).  Based on this confession, you can imagine my excitement over blue skies (yes, you read correctly) after 15 of this season's weddings have experienced rain!  Castaways Resort is a very special venue; the typical wild, black sand west coast beach, charming chalets and a view to die for from the outdoor ceremony setting are all winning features.  But the main attraction of the day, of course, were the lovely and relaxed Amanda and Kieran.  Wedding day preparations should be chilled-out, social and fun and both the bride and groom nailed this vibe with their wedding party. Amanda's dress was the perfect choice for her and with my photographer eye the little bits of lace dangling down her back were the kind of details I love.  Kieran rocked his blue blazer and what else can I say but yay for bow ties!

The day could not have flowed more beautifully; from the beach to the classic kiwi country roads and finishing off with a beautiful sunset, Amanda and Kieran were a picture of love enjoying each and every moment.

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