Caitlin & Sam's Wedding

Five Knots at Tamaki Yacht Club


Caitlin and Sam are such a gorgeous couple and their smiles said it all; so many magical moments happened throughout their big day.  Every detail of this wedding was beautifully chosen; from Caitlin's elegant dress paired with her grandmother's earrings to the absolutely breathtaking floral arrangements.  In fact you might say it was a visual feast!  The pink Victorian theme at Phoenix makeup, Auckland Waterfront's cloudscape, the mint bridesmaid dresses complimented by the colourful bouquets are just a few of the components that had me snapping and smiling all day long.  Caitlin and Sam were the perfect subjects.  They were easy with each other, completely in love and just the right heights for Caitlin to look up adoringly at Sam.  Add two super sweet flower girls to the mix and it made for one very happy wedding photographer.  I hope you enjoy looking at these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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