Louise and Darren

Kauri Bay Boomrock, Clevedon

'Wow' seems like a good place to begin with... I am a man of simple words and wow nicely covers everything about this wedding.  The venue; effortlessly stylish!  The weather; an epic day of sunshine.  The guests; I don't think I've ever seen such a well-dressed group of guests.  And of course the newlyweds Louise and Darren, who seemed to redefine the meaning of the word endearing.  Louise looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress and it was perfectly suited to the charms of the venue.  Darren looked very smart in his blue suit and together they cut quite the picture through the rural backdrop of Kauri Bay Boomrock during our bridal party shoot.  My favourite moments from the day would have to be Louise's dress catching the light in the breeze and bride and groom looking so in love at sunset. Big congrats you two!

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