Archita and Shashank's Wedding

Markovina Estate, Auckland 

One of the many great things about my job is the opportunity to witness and document other cultures and their traditions. Growing up as a Croatian, I spent much of my childhood at large family gatherings with much fun, food and laughter. Looking back, it was all preparing me for a career as a wedding photographer.  The wonderful thing with Indian weddings is that they are spread over a few days, which affords me the opportunity to enjoy the fun, eat the great food and photograph the laughter.  The trick is not to eat too much before you arrive, lesson learned!

Archita and Shashank truly are destined for one another.  Those little looks a couple give each other never grow old to witness.  A couple of days before the wedding Archita had her henna session with friends and family around, this gave me insight to the killer dance moves I would be seeing on their wedding day. And what a wedding!  The colours, the ceremony, the dancing - all mixed with a healthy dose of humour. I must not forget a good drum beat had my camera trigger finger going crazy.  So a big thank you to Archita and Shashank for allowing me the special privilege of photographing your wedding.

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