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Sarah and James' Wedding

Bracu, Simunovich Olive Estate, Bombay

The lovely Sarah may have planned a wedding or two in her time for other couples, so it stood to reason that all the details would be perfect for her own.  Every detail told a part of the story of Sarah and James; the pure beauty of the singing during their ceremony at the iconic St Mary's-in-Holy Trinity Cathedral was not only fitting for Sarah's own singing talents but also for the grand space.  The Haggis Wedding Ceremony absolutely blew me away; James poured his heart and soul into this special tradition and I could see that the guests were equally mesmerised.

All the other amazing details will be obvious as you scroll through this gorgeous wedding.  Sarah looked stunning and James could not hold back tears upon seeing her.  The bridal party were wonderfully relaxed and supportive, making for a very social vibe.  The flowers also deserve a special mention (coming from a man who can barely name two types of flowers), both their scale and selection could not have been more lovely.

Congratulations Sarah and James!  Thank you for the privilege of capturing your delightful and heartfelt wedding day.

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