Erin and Daniel's Wedding

Markovina Vineyard Estate

It could go without saying that wedding photographers love candid shots; I still get a smile on my face every time I manage to freeze a special moment in time for a couple. Even when we take time away from the guests to do bridal party shots, the candid ones win for me every time. Markovina Vineyard Estate is a beautiful, classic venue with some great nooks and crannies amongst the trees, vines and fields that provided a lush autumn backdrop for us. I'm also a sucker for the less obvious settings like the road Markovina is on... though I think I may need to hire someone under the title Traffic Management Expert! Whilst it is is always hard to choose a favourite shot, it has to be the one of these two lovebirds walking together, Erin's arm is around Daniel and they are blissfully in love and in the moment. In my time as a wedding photographer, I have developed quite a knack for appreciating the more feminine details - the flowers were beautifully natural and unique and the tiny sparkly bits (yes that is what men call them) on the edge of Erin's veil all added to the wonderment of this couple's day.


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