Liz and Paul's Wedding

 Chancery Chambers Rooftop, Auckland

The short version goes something like this: great couple + awesome venue + stunning food + magic music + party people = fantastic wedding.  The longer version involves a very dapper (who doesn't love the word dapper?) groom rocking the GQ look, a perfectly styled venue with the best flowery-light-thing I've ever seen, a gorgeous bride in a stunning dress, and the clincher being a pair of red heels.  I so loved the venue for Liz and Paul's wedding.  What could be cooler than a rooftop?!  The other awesome thing about the space was the intimacy it provided, add that to the 'long lunch' table set-up and it made for a very social evening.  With the couple's hospitality connections, the quality of the food and beverage was top notch, as was the guest list.  The weather behaved so that doesn't need a mention but the added excitement of the fire alarm going off and the fire brigade rocking up definitely does!  Liz and Paul's suggestion of doing the wedding party photos at Judges Bay was inspired and I managed to use that 'No Exit' sign I've had my eye on for a while (no hidden message intended, ha!).  The DJ sure knew his stuff and everyone busted out some truly heroic dance moves....and the couple lived happily ever after. The End.

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