Joselyn and Reuben's Wedding

Mantells On The Water, Auckland

Now I've photographed my fair share of happy brides but I can safely say Joselyn has now set the bench mark and considering the stormy weather conditions it's going to take some beating.  The wind was no match for a radiant bride but her veil didn't fare so well...  We lost that garment a few times but it added to the days good humour and created some memorable photos.  While on the subject of memorable photos, the four-legged Charlie was doing his best to steal the show!  I am now adding cute dogs to my list of must-have wedding day accessories.  

My wife was second shooter at this wedding and she was in love with all the details.  From Joselyn's dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the navy suits and the stunning flowers to the venue choice and the touches of colour in the lego blocks adorning the tables.  Congratulations Joselyn and Reuben.  I am yet again blessed to photograph a beautiful day celebrating the love of a perfect match.

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