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Scotty and Candace's Wedding

Saint Kentigerns Boys' School, Auckland


Candace and Scotty's wedding was everything a wedding should be; fun, relaxed, and love all around.  Firstly, it should go without saying that everyone looked gorgeous and even more importantly we saw nothing but smiles all day.  Now, we cannot write a wedding photography blurb without talking about the weather, so I'll get that out of the way.  Yes, it was a rainy day.  No, it did not deter everyone's happiness and fun!  The rain was actually quite respectful with its timing; clear for the ceremony, the group shots and later in the evening for the festivities.  It also wasn't a problem to find the perfect spot for the bride and groom shots - oh the buildings at St Kents!  I think the archways in the old homestead were my favourite location of the day (scroll down for my favourite shot with one of the bridesmaids 'operating' the veil).

Candace and Scotty; your choices for every component of the day were SO cool.  We loved the whole vibe you created with the marquee, food trucks, the retro drinks caravan and of course, the outdoor games.  Hopefully, your guests knew how well looked after they were!  The meaningful (and stunning) location was perfect, and it was a joy to see you both have so much fun with your bridal party.  And to top it all off, fantastic speeches!  Adam's favourite part was when the father of the bride bestowed a first aid backpack upon Scotty (funny and practical, right?).

When I complimented Candace on such an epic wedding, she replied in her down-to-earth, modest Kiwi gal way "Yeah, it all came together pretty well."

Congratulations to an amazing couple, your love for each other set the tone for your big day and we wish you all the best for married life.

Much love,

Julia and Adam

Father of the groom
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Wedding prep shots
Happy groom
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Wedding Auckland
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Groom photo
Lined up for photographer
Joking around with the groom
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NZ wedding
Auckland wedding photography
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The bride
Wedding prep
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Bride and bridesmaids
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Make up time
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Mum's place
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Sing along time
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Father of the bride
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Bride and groom shot 4
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Face to face
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The rain came
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The arrival
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Eyes for you
Cutting cake
The first dance
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On the dance floor
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The venue at night
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