Sam and Christian's Wedding

Private home, Devonport

Wow, what a wedding!  Wedding ceremonies held at the home of a family member are always particularly special and intimate to me (I might be a little bias because my wife and I got married in my sister's backyard).  Add a couple who are completely in love and surrounded by wonderful families and friends who were all so clearly over the moon for them and you pretty much have my perfect wedding.  These two were initially planning to get married in a registry office a few days before their big celebration at Sam's parents' place.  Thankfully they had a change of plans and sprung a surprise ceremony on their unsuspecting family and friends.  The looks on their faces were priceless!  It was definitely one of the funnier ceremonies I've witnessed; thanks in part to the always-entertaining celebrant Aaron Bloomfield.  I loved the party popper cannons creating an explosion of colour, which I'm sure wouldn't have gone down well in a registry office.  As you'll see in the photos below we got some pretty colourful shots before the wedding at the pink cycleway in the city and discovered the charms of a few K Road backstreets.  Sam and Christian wanted the wedding photography at the house to be candid in nature so I duly obliged.  It was an absolute pleasure to photograph this charming couple, congratulations to you both.

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