Rebecca & Jeremy's Wedding

Mantells, Mt Eden


Auckland weather certainly keeps us wedding photographers on our toes; the forecast a few days out did not look promising but it actually ended up being perfectly overcast and minor amounts of rain - phew!  Not that it would have mattered because this gorgeous couple would look stunning in even the worst weather.  The day started with beautiful Rebecca in a home fit for House and Garden magazine and her two fun bridesmaids.  I can't say enough how much I enjoyed photographing this bride and her genius choice of the parasol added that extra level of whimsical detail.  Jeremy and his debonair groomsmen were equally a joy to photograph with their combined look of GQ style.  I think it's safe to say that stylish would be the one word to describe this amazing wedding.  I can't let this paragraph end without a mention of the classic Auckland wedding venue of Mantells; I never tire of shooting a wedding there and I never will.

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