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Hayley and Dan's Wedding

Little Wilderness, Kumeu

There's the feeling of loving weddings, and then there's the feeling of attending the wedding of a dear friend, and that's its own level of special. So, here's my disclaimer that this blurb may be somewhat bias! Hayley was an absolutely divine bride to photograph. Her beauty and joy shone at every moment of her big day. The smile on Dan's face at seeing her was the highlight of our day because she deserves to be completely adored for the rest of her life. Megan instantly became Adam's favourite celebrant when she checked to make sure Hayley and Dan were centred under the archway (ha!) and brought her usual charm and loveliness to the ceremony.

Little Wilderness is a hidden gem! The grounds at this venue are perfect for capturing a variety of bride and groom shots, and for Adam's favourite sport - 'Wedding Photography Off-roading'. Enter; the gumboots. I'm sure there were a few curses under-breath at having to awkwardly remove shoes and put gumboots on to cross an algae-filled stream, but Hayley and Dan did so without fuss, and as a team *insert heart-eye emoji here*.

The casual vibes were felt all around by the guests; and with amazing food flowing (um, hello gelato!), lovely service by Samantha (@weddings_by_samantha on the gram) and the full moon glowing - it's hard to imagine a more perfect wedding. Sending all our love to you both, knowing you've got an amazing married life ahead.

Julz and Adam xo

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