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Y & Reuben's Wedding

Sorrento in the Park at One Tree Hill

You know a wedding is going to be special when the bride and groom-to-be turn up to the test shoot looking like they're ready for a Vogue fashion spread.  Impecccable and stylish to a 'T' with a huge dollop of warmth and fun sums up Y & Reuben.  This couple were a joy to work with and their wedding day had a touch of Hollywood glamour to it.  While Reuben and his groomsmen got ready at his family home in Remuera, Y and her beautiful bridesmaids were at the Hilton (a stunning spot both inside and out) and the ceremony and reception were at Sorrento, where the always hospitable Shirley and her team had everything running smoothly.  I was once again blown away by the amazing scenery that Auckland's One Tree Hill has to offer; the park provided breathtaking backdrops for the bridal party - who deserve a massive thank you for being so much fun and putting up with me taking them 'off-road'!  Now I can't finish up without mentioning the three Rolls Royces; so stylish and added a striking element to the shots.  Of course, all of this is nothing without the loving connection between bride and groom.  Y and Reuben have this in spades and the great thing is, their family and friends are all in on it as well.

wedding groom preparing speech
cufflinks being put on
groom getting help
The lads getting ready
groom adjusting his tie
wedding groomsmen talking
Auckland hotel wedding venue
Bride having her hair done
girls in the hotel room
bridesmaids sitting down
wedding dress hanging up
wedding details
The bride's shoes
montage of bride
Silhouette of bride
wedding makeup for bridesmaid
Beautiful bridesmaids
The girls getting ready
Make up time for bride
wedding makeup for bride
wedding photo of bride
Auckland wedding photographer
Bridesmaid helping bride
posing bride and bridesmaids on bed
shoes of the bride
Getting into the dress
Adjusting back of wedding dress
Bride at the window
Bride outside on balcony
bride wedding silhouette
Looking out to sea
The bride walking with bridesmaids
bridesmaid gets out of car
bride in wedding car
groom and groomsmen waiting
wedding montage of bridesmaids
Here comes the bride
Groom thanks bride's father
wedding ring on finger
Sealed with a kiss
Auckland wedding in the park
cornwall park wedding
bridal party at park setting
Bride and groom sitting under tree
The bridal party together
That loving look
gorgeous wedding photography
The happy couple posing
candid wedding moment
best wedding photo under tree
The newlyweds walking
the couple holding hands
the bridal party walking
wedding couple walking
Walking down the road
wedding montage of bridal party
Newlyweds kissing
Bride with her bridesmaids
groom posing with his groomsmen
Couple in a field
The wedding cars
Bride stepping out of car
The bride looking amazing
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