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Becky and Chris' Wedding

Five Knots at Tamaki Yacht Club

One generally expects a bride to be excited of course but the gorgeous Becky took excited to a whole new level. The thought of our email communication always brings a smile to my face because her enthusiasm for her wedding was amazing from day one. Love, humour and excitement are three must-haves on a wedding day and suffice to say Becky and Chris' big day didn't disappoint. I always love photographing weddings at Five Knots due to the spectacular outdoor setting and luckily for me we struck an overcast day (yes wedding photographers are obsessed with the weather). With just under an hour for the bridal party shots, the setting sun created some lovely golden light to match Becky's shining smile and we got some stunning shots. To finish off this happy occasion were some truly memorable speeches, inspiring both laughter and tears - both of which are pure gold to a photographer! A big thank you to Becky and Chris and their lovely families for making my job so easy.


The wedding flowers
wedding make up
Wedding dress hanging up
wedding shoes and dress
Brides bag
The bride silhouetted
Make up brushes
Laughing bridesmaid
The hotel room
Seated bride
Flower girl on couch
Putting on earrings
Sunning bride
Doing up the bride's dress
wedding shoes
Flower girl watching bride
Mother of bride
Emotional dad with bride
Getting into the wedding car
Groom with a knife
The boys shoes
Grooms mother
Men getting ready
groom tying tie
Dad helping groom
Putting on the suits
Groom buttoning jacket
Outside the apartment
The men smiling
Perfect wedding weather
Guests mingling
flower girl arrives
Groom watching for bride
bride with father
Stunning dress
The groom smiling
Harp at wedding
the wedding rings
Great wedding weather
Sealed with a kiss
Just married
One happy couple
Candid shot of flower girl
guests chatting
The big group shot
Beautiful bride
The kombi van
Walking away
Kissing on a hilltop
New Zealand Wedding photography
Up close shot
groom lifts bride
Groom looking at bride
Candid photo of wedding party
all lined up
the bride looking stunning
Wedding photography Auckland
couple in field
wedding photographers Auckland
newlyweds crossing road
wedding photographer Auckland
Wedding photography NZ
Wedding photography Auckland
Wedding photography Five Knots
bridal part on pier
Wedding photography candids
wedding kiss
bride looking at camera
Best Wedding photography
brides father speech
speeches at wedding
Wedding at Five Knots
wedding photography  Auckland
bride with her dad
guests having fun
animated wedding guest
cutting the cake time
the first dance
wedding dance at venue
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