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Nisitha and Ed's Wedding

Kauri Bay Boomrock, Clevedon

It’s pretty perfect that Adam is a wedding photographer because I will never ever get sick of attending them as his second photographer.  Nisitha is stunning inside and out and I dare say pretty much did Adam’s job for him she was such a natural in front of the camera!  Cue Ed the handsome groom who works with children and plays the ukulele… you get the picture, and it was perfect. The joy that spreads through the room when a couple so in love ties the knot is truly infectious and their ceremony certainly reflected that.

Kauri Bay Boomrock is an idyllic spot to host a wedding and Adam was literally a pig in mud taking the bridal party up the hill to capture their gorgeousness and the amazing view.  This was all made possible by the kind weather gods who held off the rain long enough for us to torture the poor group by dodging hidden cow pats and not so hidden puddles in order to just casually and dreamily wander along.

I wished I had been able to stay to the end but it might have been too hard to resist the fun being had on the dance floor!  

Thank you so much for having us Nisitha and Ed, we had a blast! Julz xo

The mens attire hanging up
Groom with his brother
Clevedon wedding photographer
Groomsmen ironing shirt
wedding ring and perfume
Groom photography Auckland
Groom adjusting his jacket
Kauri Bay Boomrock accomodation
The lads lined up on bench
Bride sitting
Bridesmaid smiling
The bride on couch
wedding photo of bride
Make up time for the bride
Bride having make up applied
Make up time for bride
The bridesmaids
Top wedding photography
Beautiful bride
Bride getting dressed
Bride gets dressed by bridesmaids
Bride gets into dress
Getting ready
helping the bride
Bride gets dressed
Bride coming down stairs
The view from the wedding venue
Kauri bay Boomrock interior
Wedding venue photography
Candid wedding photography
Groom mingles with guests
Groom adjusts his glasses
The bride arrives
Wedding ceremony photography
Bride sees her groom
Groom smiling at his bride
Wedding ceremony at Kauri Bay
Wedding at Kauri bay Boomrock
The official kiss
That just married smile
Guest congratulates the bride
Wedding moments with the bride
Bride and groom photography
The couple hug
Newlyweds looking at camera
Stunning view at Kauri bay
Clevedon wedding
Bridal party on the deck
That loving look
Wedding at Kauri Bay Boomrock
Bridal party walking along
Candid wedding shot of bridal party
Bridal party photo
Bridesmaids with bride
Beautiful bride and bridesmaids
Groom adjusting suit
Groom looking at camera
Groom and groomsmen fooling around
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Newlywed holding hands
The wedding party posing for photo
Candid moments
Bridal party walking
Indian wedding photographer
Kauri Bay Boomrock wedding photo
Couple walking holding hands
holding hands
The cars coming down the road
The wedding party smiling
Bride and horse
Indian bride with flowers
The couple at Kauri Bay Boomrock
South Auckland wedding
Group shot
Family photograph at wedding
Candid fun shot
The wedding venue at sunset
Bride and groom arrive
Guests at wedding venue
Wedding speeches
The venue at night time
Bride laughing
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Wedding speech
Speech time
Candid wedding photo of bride
Groom entertaining everyone
Beautiful bride
Auckland wedding photographer
Wedding cake
Fun wedding moment with bride
Adam Popovic Photography
Kauri Bay Boomrock
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