Helen and Paul's Wedding

The Officers Mess at Fort Takapuna

I'll keep this short.  WOW.  BEAUTIFUL.  GUSH, GUSH, GUSH.  On second thoughts, there's more to say, haha!  For starters, Helen and Paul are such lovely people and were completely relaxed in the lead up to their ceremony.  I loved that Paul and Helen had such a social vibe at their respective getting ready spots; wedding days have a tendency to be over in a blink and I think these two really made the most of every moment.

Holy Trinity Cathedral is such a special place.  The sheer size and beauty of the church is enough to wow anyone, then add the music, singing and love and you have the perfect mix of grandeur and intimacy.  The singing was so moving, and an absolute stand out of this ceremony.  Watching Helen's family perform was a moment I will never forget.  Photographing a wedding is a strange thing - we feel that we get to know couples and their friends and family through the lens in a relatively short window of time and then we have to say goodbye.  Thank you for having us Helen and Paul, we wish you all the best for married life.

Adam and Julz

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