Letitia and Dave's Wedding

Tatum Park, Horowhenua

In the interests of full disclosure; Adam is not writing this post, I (his most wonderful and treasured wife, Julz) am.  Letitia and Dave's wedding was the first time I have spent pretty much the same amount of time photographing that Adam has.  Adam had already met Teesh and Dave for their pre-shoot and he had been excited about this wedding ever since, and as soon as I met them both (and their lovely family and friends) I could see why.  Teesh has taken the title of my new girl-crush (superceding Scarlett Johansen) and Dave scored massive points for being so adoring of her.  These two are the epitome of a couple who light up each other's lives, and as a self-confessed wedding / happiness / love addict, I feel confident saying that they are meant for each other.

Now to the other feminine factors that don't always get as much of a mention; OH THE DRESS!  The lace, the beading, the layers and the train.  Just perfect, and even more so on the bride.  Letitia's Mum Penny had put so much work into all the little details that complete a wedding; the flowers, the lemonade stand, the candy counter and she also made the incredible cake!  I noticed so many special moments and features throughout the day that showed Teesh and Dave's connection to each other and their families.  Dave's Mum spent a year creating a personalised quilt, the doves on the cake were Dave's grandmother's, Teesh was wearing a family ring and there were 'about her and him' frames written by Penny - so many more but I've only got so much space!

Adam and I are both so privileged to share in people's lives through photography and this wedding was as good as they get.  What other couple has a rainbow shine down on them?  Teesh and Dave - thank you so much for welcoming us, we wish you all the best for married life.

Oh and Adam couldn't let it go without his two cents of saying "Loved your dance moves Dave."

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