Casey & Troy's Wedding

Mantells, Mt Eden

Wow, what a wedding!  Casey was an absolutely stunning bride and she and Troy were such a fun couple to work with.  For me, there is something special about an autumn wedding and the colours at Cornwall Park did their best to show off for Casey and Troy.  At the risk of always mentioning the weather, the grey skies and touches of sunlight created a backlight that could only compliment these two wonderful people.  'First Look's are such a lovely and intimate way for couples to greet each other and this bride and groom were both so moved; I felt lucky to be able to capture the moment for them.  Mantells reminded me yet again why this Auckland venue is a stand-out.  The charming feel of the space there is everything a photographer could want and I had to stop my wife (who is my second shooter for the 'Classic' package) from taking too many shots of the beautifully arranged flowers!  Congratulations Casey and Troy on an amazing day from start to finish (including your dance moves, hehe!).


The wedding invitation
bride's perfume
wedding silhouette of bride
The bride sitting down
Girls on the bed
bride putting on earrings
stunning wedding dress
The bride gets out of car
The groom getting ready
The lads getting ready
The groom getting dressed
The boys having a drink
The groom and the batsman having a l
first look
Love the emotion
The happy couple
A quick kiss
bride in forest
The bride posing
the bridal party
beautiful bride with groom
bridal party on steps
golden light
bride with husband
the veil
at the wedding venue
The bride and her wedding flowers
bride's happy face
bride laughing
wedding table details
The bride looking back
Cute flower girl
cute kids at wedding
kids walking
The bride and her dad
The groom watching his bride
watching on
bride gives that loving look
wedding guests at Mantells
smiling guests
Sealed with a kiss
The big group photo
formal wedding photos
The groom with his brothers
wedding photos
The food at the wedding
food going to tables
Cutting the cake
Some funky dance moves
dancing newlyweds
newlyweds by fireplace
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